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Ready-to-install, mass-customizable bathroom pods.


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Value boost to construction

Fira Modules produces bathroom pods as a part of the future revolution in the construction industry. By installing mass-customized, pre-fabricated entities directly to sites brings extensive benefits for the building owners, designers, contractors as well as the residents.

Our pods are a bathroom, building services and smart technological capabilities united into a single, individualized solution – just like in a premium car factory.

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Efficiency to the design process

Lifecycle savings and durability

Building with speed and efficiency

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Customer story

A-Kruunu and Fira Oy constructed two apartment houses in Kirkkonummi. Buildings are the very first ones where Fira Modules bathroom series one utilized. Modular construction enables to rise completeness of site, when majority of site work is done in factory.

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The benefits of modular construction

The benefits of modular construction can be divided into three categories: design, construction and use. For designers, modularity means simplicity, as the modules integrate technical building systems, among other things.


Hansakallio 3, Kilo Invest Oy, pioneer residential building in Kauklahti, Espoo

Two four-story buildings with a total of 75 apartments were constructed in the Kauklahti region of Espoo, Finland, in early 2019. The site was a pioneer in multiple ways: using Luja Super Slabs, Fira Modules bathroom pods, and RIB iTWO.


Using bathroom pods reduces on-site interior work by 50%

The construction of a bathroom typically involves many work phases, a team of professionals and a large number of tools and materials. Coordinating the logistics, teams, and schedules is a demanding and time-consuming work phase.

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