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Bathroom Series 2.0

The great thing about mass customization is that it allows us to offer a set of quality options from which it’s easy to form entities for each project cost-efficiently. The result is customized bathrooms with a proven quality.



Three layout options

Style types

Four customizable interiors

Smart features

Optional smart control

Technical solutions

Quality to your building

Superior installation

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The benefits of modular construction

The total cost of building a bathroom on-site is approximately €15,000. On average, some 100 bathrooms are built per apartment building. If these 100 bathrooms cost €20,000 to design, this comes to €200 per bathroom


Hansakallio 3, Kilo Invest Oy, pioneer residential building in Kauklahti, Espoo

Two four-story buildings with a total of 75 apartments were constructed in the Kauklahti region of Espoo, Finland, in early 2019. The site was a pioneer in multiple ways: using Luja Super Slabs, Fira Modules bathroom pods, and RIB iTWO


Builders and designers – is your thinking modular?

In traditional construction engineering, the building is designed first, and only then the suppliers are requested to design matching modular elements. We re-thought the designing, just like the automotive industry did.