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State-of-the-art technical solutions and superior speed in installation in comparison to traditional bathroom building. In addition to being fast, modular construction reduces costs, cuts down the number of work phases and improves the quality – it outsources the major pain points of bathroom construction into a single solution.


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When building residential apartments, the number of visits for making fixes counts the highest for bathrooms built on the site. The extended schedules and additional costs become history, when the quality control and approximately 50% of the interior work of the apartment are done in a controlled factory environment.

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Install effortlessly

Install effortlessly

Shorter lead time

Our bathrooms can be installed in two optional ways; shaft installation or installation on a hollow slab. The installation is extremely fast with the shaft installation. One shaft can be finished even in less than a day, which greatly raises the percentage of completion for the building in one go.

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We also provide the bathrooms as an ”all inclusive” supply. The responsibility areas are clear and both the costs and schedules hold when the pods are installed to the apartments by Fira Modulesin as soon as they are delivered. This makes the installation both smooth and cost-efficient.

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Get acquainted with our product material package and be in touch – let’s find a perfect solution for Your project!

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Download the material package

We collected the materials that provide more details about our bathroom pods into one package. It contains:

  • Design guide
  • Installation guide
  • DWG drawings
  • 3D models (Revit and Archicad)
  • Brochure
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The use of Bathroom pods reduces interior work by 50% on a construction site

The construction of a bathroom typically involves many work phases, a team of professionals and a large number of tools and materials. Coordinating the logistics, teams, and schedules is a demanding and time-consuming work phase.


Hansakallio 3, Kilo Invest Oy, pioneer residential building in Kauklahti, Espoo

Two four-story buildings with a total of 75 apartments were constructed in the Kauklahti region of Espoo, Finland, in early 2019. The site was a pioneer in multiple ways: using Luja Super Slabs, Fira Modules bathroom pods, and RIB iTWO.


The benefits of modular construction

The total cost of building a bathroom on-site is approximately €15,000. On average, some 100 bathrooms are built per apartment building. If these 100 bathrooms cost €20,000 to design, this comes to €200 per bathroom.