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Usually, bathrooms are designed per apartment or project, which makes it cumbersome. Fira Modules has developed a solution which saves both time and resources – and it starts from the design phase.


Fira Modules combines the bathroom module and building services (HVAC and MEP) into a smart solution that tackles the most common pain points in construction projects. The solution contains connections for water, heat, ventilation, electricity and data transfer.

When the basis for design is a modular product family, there is no need to design bathrooms and building services for each project individually. When planning the floor plan, you can make use of the pre-made dimensions of our versatile product family.

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Efficient design process

Extensive design libraries speed up the design work, and you can better serve your client. Instead of designing the same bathroom for the two-bedroom apt again and again, do it modularly.

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Design without errors

Top-notch end result

No more endless fixing rounds – the modular approach helps you get to higher quality with less painstaking efforts. At the same time, costs become more predictable and you can offer stylish options for the interiors.

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Modular Construction

Use modular designs

Bringing modular design into the industry turns building design upside down – the buildings of the future are compiled from pre-designed, clash detected and quality assured modules into functional entities.

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The pod contains pre-designed building services, technical details and connections which make it easy to unite it with existing plans. Most building services solutions, including soundproofing and fire safety technicalities, are pre-designed, clash detected and tested in all our modules.

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Kasasimme suunnittelutyötä helpottavat työkalut ja materiaalit yhteen pakettiin. Paketti pitää sisällään:We collected materials to help designing into one package. It contains:

  • DWG drawings
  • 3D models (Revit and Archicad)
  • Design guide
  • Installation guide
  • Product brochure


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Design based on modularity

In the construction process, bathrooms are usually designed for one apartment or site at a time. A large number of details must be taken into account, as bathrooms involve several aspects of technical building systems.


Kirkkonummen Tarutie, A-Kruunu Oy

Tarutien taloihin valmistui yhteensä 83 vuokra-asuntoa. Asunnot ovat yksiöitä, kaksioita ja kolmioita. Asuntoihin asennetut Fira Modulesin kylpyhuonemoduulit on valmistettu tehtaalla Hämeenlinnassa. Modulaarinen rakentaminen mahdollistaa valmiusasteen kasvattamisen, kun osa sisävaiheista saadaan tehtyä valmiiksi tehtaalla.


are you familiar with modular thinking?

Modular construction was introduced globally a good while ago. Fira is now introducing a new service, a bathroom pod equipped with technical building systems, which are considered to be the most demanding aspect of construction