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Modularity begins with design

In the construction process, bathrooms are usually designed for one apartment or project at a time. Each time a large number of details must be taken into account, as bathrooms are involved in several aspects of technical building systems. It must be ensured that the space is resistant to humidity and that the sewer system works, among other things. Attention must also be paid to the quality, size and appearance of the bathroom, as well as to the materials used.

Fira Modules has developed a solution that saves time and resources in the planning and construction phase.

Bring modularity as the basis for design

Use the dimensions of the versatile prefabricated bathroom family as the basis for layout design

Fira Modules combines a bathroom, building services (HVAC & MEP) and data into one module that outsources the greatest pain points of construction into a single, intelligent solution. Fira Modules provides heat, water, electricity and data. The modular product family can be taken as the basis for design, so there is no need to design bathrooms and building services for each project individually.

Connect the module to the building

A large part of the building services and technical details are already designed in the module. The rest can be easily designed to connect to the module´s interfaces.

Fira Modules is easy to integrate into plans. Thanks to standardized solutions, bathrooms do not need to be designed separately for each apartment or site. The modules come fully equipped with most of the technical building system solutions, which have already been designed and tested, including details related to sound and fire engineering.

Improve construction efficiency and reduce costs

The solution allows to rethink the project schedule and enables significant time-savings and improved return on equity.

During the construction of the building, the furnished bathroom modules are installed on top of the slab or vertically in a shaft, where they are easy to connect for use. The solution is suitable for structural solutions based on intermediate floors with hollow slabs and Super Slabs, as well as those cast in situ.

Delays and additional costs can be brought under control when quality assurance and around 50 per cent of the interior work related to apartments are carried out in a controlled factory environment. In terms of duration, modular construction is superior to traditional bathroom construction. An entire shaft can be completed in half a day.

Enable exceptional user experience

Outsource the customer´s selection process. The modular furniture wall enables easy interior changes and upgrades

Residents can choose materials and furniture, even sauna, according to their needs and wishes. The functionality and atmosphere of the modules have been designed with the user in mind by top interior and industrial designers. With Fira Modules, each apartment and the entire building have a single intelligent system and access to real-time information about electricity and water consumption and air quality, among other aspects, in the cloud. This enables controlling and monitoring of the building remotely through various systems and consumer applications.


For designers

When the basis for design is a modular product family, there is no need to design bathrooms and building services for each project individually.


are you familiar with modular thinking?

Fira Modules is an opportunity to create fully modular designs, meaning that bathrooms do not need to be designed separately for each apartment or site, as bathrooms can be mass-produced.

Product materials

Material package

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