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We provide the pods to the site at the agreed time, sealed and protected from the weather. The interiors in the bathrooms are done and finished. The pods have pre-made connections for electricity and water, and they are ready to be installed on the traditional intermediate floors with hollow slabs, or fast in a shaft. In addition, we offer the installation and the building service connections as an all-inclusive service.

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  • Shaft installation
  • Hollow slab

In terms of duration, modular construction is superior compared to building bathrooms in the traditional way. In addition to the common hollow slab installation, we offer shaft installation which, at best, allows installing and connecting all the bathrooms of a residential building in the course of one day.

The Fira Modules solution is suitable for, for example, hollow slabs, Super Slabs, and floors casted in place.


In the shaft installation, the pods are lifted into a vertical shaft on top of each other once the frame is ready and the roof is vapor tight. This makes the installation extremely fast, and the pods can be directly moved inside the frame so that they aren’t exposed to the outside weather conditions. In a residential building, this installation method allows to get all the bathrooms done in one day.



Get acquainted with our installation guide or other product materials and be in touch – let’s find a perfect solution for Your project!

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We collected the materials that provide more details about our bathroom pods into one package. It contains:

  • Installation guide
  • Design guide
  • DWG drawings and 3D models
  • Brochure
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