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By uniting modular construction with mass-customization and high-quality production, we are able to offer very cost-efficient bathrooms with a possibility to select a preferred interior. Just like when buying a car, one needs a basic model and another fine-tuned luxury.

What our prices consist of

The price of our pods is formed from the entity, and therefore we calculate it separately for each project. However, below you can find the essential factors that affect the price.

Number of pods
In large orders or, for example, continuous contracts save in extra costs such as administrative and delivery costs. In addition, they brings savings through factory capacity optimization.

Module type
You can select from three different size alternatives, with the price being lower for the smaller models: the compact Mini, the great-fit Heart and the sauna alternative Heat.

Installation method
The requirements for the floor slab thickness of the pod are different in the hollow slab and the shaft installation, which affects the price.

Building services
We provide additional solutions for building services combined with the bathroom pod, such as apartment-specific ventilation or manifold cabinet for floor heating in the apartment. In addition, we offer different packages for the smart building capabilities.

Interior options
You can select from four different interiors in the order of their pricing: Budget, Basic, Northern Light and Polar Night. You can also select a default option for your building and allow home buyers to upgrade to another interior option for an additional price, if they wish.

Additional equipment
If preferred, the bathrooms can be equipped, for example, with premium quality taps or, say, a black towel dryer.

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The total cost of building a bathroom on-site is approximately €15,000. On average, some 100 bathrooms are built per apartment building. If these 100 bathrooms cost €20,000 to design, this comes to €200 per bathroom.


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