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Healthy structures

Our solutions for structure, fittings and furniture make our bathrooms durable in use – both on the surfaces and inside the structures. The water resistance and materials of the pod have been tested and sertified, and the compact laminate we use for our furniture has superior moisture resistance.

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Optional interiors

The surface materials can be selected from a set of stylish style types, inside which there are stll possibilities to make changes, for example, in the furniture, taps and showers. As the pre-fabrication in a factory brings the costs down, we are able to offer premium quality in our bathrooms for the price of common materials – the selection includes, for example, massive floor-to-ceiling tiles.

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Save the environment

Fira Modules Smart Capabilities

Lifecycle sustainability

Pre-fabricating the bathrooms in a factory is less consuming for the environment, and monitoring the consumption, smart optimization and collecting the heat energy by apartment help in reaching towards the carbon neutral. In addition, the unique cabinet wall allows you to easily change the furniture..

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Modular building now and in the future

The modular building has come a long way from the modular bathroom pods of the 1970s. Module libraries are rapidly being created in Finland in collaboration with various operators in the construction industry, and the modular building practices of the future will enable flexible modification of flats and houses to suit residents’ life situations.


In the pursuit of the perfect bathroom

Modular construction allows building elements to be designed perfectly. Traditionally, the design of bathrooms built on-site is limited by space, time and budget. Fira Modules 2.0 was designed in a consortium together with designers and user representatives.

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Who are we?

Behind our bathrooms, there is not only our own construction know-how but also a consortium gathered from top-notch professionals from various parties.